Determined Rest
Are you always on the go? Working on the next project while trying to engage on yet another conference call? During a long commute back home, analytical thinkers often ask, ‘what did I actually accomplish today?’. That’s because super busy lifestyles are exhausting. Just ask the hamster who runs at full speed every day on that tiny wheel. He might be giving it his all, but at the end, what victory and what fulfillment did he achieve, except for tiredness.

For you high performing, data driven, results oriented professionals, the truth is, you can juggle more and run faster than most. You thrive on performance. Yet, your body is now shouting, it’s time to slow down, get refreshed, and recalibrate or else something will burn out.

According to Forbes, “the human body is built to thrive on a series of short sprints. This is why taking a break—even only for a few minutes—can offer you the refresh you need to persevere through your day.” In other words, determined breaks promote physical and mental power surges, creativity, and increased productivity. Other benefits include less stress build up, a reduction of mood swings, and healthier relationships.

Determined rest is not laziness. Rather, it is silent nourishment for the soul, body, and mind. Thousands of years ago, the Psalmist wrote, “my soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him”. Shutting down in quietness is a sacred time to refill the gas tank of your inner being as the Creator restores His masterpiece. The more we remember this universal law, the greater the output we will see at work and at home (remember, those at home need you most).

Finally, here are a few practical steps to pursue a determined rest:

1. Enjoy a true 15 minute break
Throw a cool towel over your eyes and think of one person or one thing you ought to be grateful for

2. Stretch & Exercise
This will focus the mind and regulate both neurotransmitters and other hormones.

3. Practice Sleep Hygiene
Follow a nightly routine and keep it consistent. Open the Psalms and Proverbs for wisdom and strength. People who lived long ago, documented truths that made them better leaders and better friends. Finally, unplug from electronics 30-60 minutes before bedtime, and dim your lights to allow your body’s natural melatonin production to collaborate with you. These steps along with a grateful heart will give you the power and endurance to win the race.


Psalm 62:5

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