Business Lessons I learned as a Kid

Business Lessons by Andy Ramirez

The wisest man who ever lived etched these words, “Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. 

Business Lessons by Andy Ramirez

There are people in life you call friends while others become best friends. Yet, there are those who in a deeper sense are brothers. If you are “lucky”, your best friend may also be your blood brother. Growing up, my little brother was my partner in times of great adventure. From climbing on high our backyard apricot tree protecting our invisible fortress to playing summer baseball with neighborhood kids from morning to night. In the early 1980’s (I know that sounds historic), video games made it to the masses. We would spend even more time together playing Nintendo games like Super Contra. Although we would rotate positions, I was usually player 1 and Erik was player 2. For hours (maybe too many), our two man combat team kept playing and planning until we won the game. That sense of team determination could not stop us. No matter the adventure, there was one common theme in our friendship…we played together until we won together.

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As an experienced public servant with several years of private and non-profit leadership, Andy Ramirez understands how to simplify the complexities of an organization and dramatically increase operational efficiencies. His skills include Building cohesive teams, effective Community and Social media outreach, Public speaking, Project management, Public Works, Water, Major donor development, Bi-lingual marketing, and Budget management. He is an excellent communicator with a keen sense for serving others. Andy Ramirez graduated with highest honors from CBU with a Masters in Public Administration and lives with his young family in Beaumont, CA.

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