Giving is Better

Give to others
Andy Ramirez with Ms. Lacsamana, Third Grade Teacher at St. Hyacinth Academy

Giving to those in need comes in many different ways. Through my friends at Rotary, we had the blessing of providing dictionaries to Ms. Lacsamana’s third grade class at St. Hyacinth Academy. This effort came at a great time as the school was trying to figure how to fund their own supply of dictionaries. The excitement from Ms. Lacsamana and her students was unforgettable.

One child asked, how much they owed us for their new dictionaries. When we said it was free, the whole class roared in thankfulness. Then one student said, “this means I can finally do my homework”! Indeed it is greater to give than receive.

Author: andyramirez

As an experienced public servant with several years of private and non-profit leadership, Mr. Ramirez understands how to simplify the complexities of an organization and dramatically increase operational efficiencies. His skills include Building cohesive teams, effective Community and Social media outreach, Public speaking, Project management, Public Works, Major donor development, Bi-lingual marketing, and Budget management. He is an excellent communicator with a keen sense for serving others. Mr. Ramirez graduated with highest honors from CBU with a Masters in Public Administration.

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