The Great Power of Encouragement

Encourage others
Encouragement is a game changer in the midst of insurmountable odds. From the coach rallying his team to believe in who they really are, to the father inspiring his son’s strength by simply showing up to the game.
We may often face dark discouraging mountains. However, even an ounce of encouragement can produce a limitless storage of courage. There are but two ingredients for encouragement to do its handy work… a recipient willing to believe and a proclaimer willing to speak. Be that willing listener and that bold preacher today!

Author: andyramirez

As an experienced public servant with several years of private and non-profit leadership, Mr. Ramirez understands how to simplify the complexities of an organization and dramatically increase operational efficiencies. His skills include Building cohesive teams, effective Community and Social media outreach, Public speaking, Project management, Public Works, Major donor development, Bi-lingual marketing, and Budget management. He is an excellent communicator with a keen sense for serving others. Mr. Ramirez graduated with highest honors from CBU with a Masters in Public Administration.

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